cocklehain composition

The Forest Edge

New paintings from Latin America and Scotland by Tadeusz Deręgowski and Jane Rutherford

For the last ten years TADEUSZ DERĘGOWSKI has focussed on painting pochades: small plein-air oil paintings of landscapes. In an age of easy photography his paintings tackle the feeling of being in a specific place at a specific time, as opposed to rendering  topographical or botanical details. He has travelled extensively to paint in the North Africa, Latin America, and North America. His artworks are a form of witness: he seeks to record the unmediated act of being. Tadeusz grew up in Scotland but has lived in southern Brazil for the last twelve years. He has exhibited both in the UK and in Brazil. In 2006 he won the Dedalo Art Prize, in 2016, he won the Ann Redpath Painting Prize and in 2018 he won the Henderson Art Grant.

JANE RUTHERFORD’S paintings focus on patterns in the landscape, where areas of human intervention such as fields, pathways, gardens and clearings, meet wilder vegetation. She is drawn to the borders between the natural and the cultivated, the inhabited and the uninhabited. Observing marks made in a landscape, Jane draws on memory and by layering paint, fabric and wallpaper, she evokes the connection of a person to a place. Jane has exhibited widely and with a bursary, awarded by the McColl Arts Foundation, she travelled to Brazil to paint on the theme of land development in the Northern Amazon.

STEPHANIE MANN makes moving and still images which recontextualise happenings in the subconscious, using objects as condensation points. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art MFA Contemporary Art Practice in 2013 and is currently based at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Awards include the John Watson Prize, Andrew Grant Bequest Award & Scholarship and the John Kinross Travel Scholarship. Recent projects include: LOOKING BACK LOOKING FORWARD, Turf Gallery, London; The Artist Traveller, Royal Scottish Academy; Call and Response: Women in Surrealism, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; Alone with Other People, Chisenhale Dance, London and The transparent tortoise shell and the un-ripe umbrella, Glasgow Sculpture Studios. 

FAITH LIMBRICK is an artist and filmmaker based in Edinburgh. She moved to Scotland to study Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2012. Her work involves prop making, sound design and paper sculpture. The work investigates the functions of the imagination, its relationship to buildings, landscape and narrative. From 2015-17 Faith was a committee member at Rhubaba, an artist led project space in Edinburgh. She was involved in collectively programming the gallery’s project space alongside running the studios. 

Gallery 5595 presents The Forest Edge, an exhibition of new works by Tadeusz Deręgowski and Jane Rutherford.

While the practice of both artists in the exhibition is rooted in consideration of that elemental landscape, one bares witness to the moment, working out in the open, and the other has a reflective studio-based practice, working from observational sketches and memory.


Cabanaconde, Peru, mountain in sun
Santo Antonio
Botanical Gardens, Itacorub

Tadeusz Deręgowski: Cabanaconde, Peru, mountain in sun , oil on card, 24 x 21 cm, 2019

Stephanie Mann / A dig site

Tadeusz Deręgowski: Santo Antonio, oil on card, 23 x 27 cm, 2109

Tadeusz Deręgowski: Botanical Gardens, Itacorubi, oil on card, 21 x 21.5 cm, 2019

Tadeusz Deręgowski: Beiramar, oil on card, 27 x 24.5 cm, 2019

untitled composition
cocklehain composition
cocklehain composition
coclehain composition

Jane Rutherford: Untitled composition, 8" x 8.5", oil on card, 2019

Jane Rutherford: Cocklehain composition, 16" x 16", oil on card, 2019

Jane Rutherford: Cocklehain composition, 8" x 8.5", oil on card, 2019

Jane Rutherford: Coclehain composition, oil on canvas, 16" x 16". 2019